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Message from the CEO and the Chairman

On behalf of Concordia Capital , we would like to take this opportunity to express our pride in our firm as a truly global player in the investment market. Its vision complements our work and achievements for the past three decades in servicing and collaborating with leading international blue-chip clients. 


We are committed to playing a key leadership role in shaping organizations’ strategic directions utilizing our rich and varied experience. Since 2011, we have been active in leading initiatives that expands and diversify development funds for corporate and governmental entities beyond the traditional sectors to include tourism, entertainment, hospitality, FinTech & modern financial hubs, infrastructure, energy and food & agriculture.  


Furthermore, we believe that our commitment, in this post Covid-19 world, to fully integrate ESG criteria into all of our initiatives will put us in a stronger position to unlock opportunities and provide us with additional flexibility in mitigating our risk and delivering great value to our strategic partners. 

Message from the CEO and the Chairman

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